"Bridging the Gap for At-Risk Youth"

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We provide youth and at-risk youth with resources to bridge gaps in their lives, where there are little or no Community resources.  We assist with the following services and resources:
1. Chocolity Chips Character visits
2. The Positive Mentorship App.
3. Take '22' minutes Obesity Reduction Program;
4. 24/7 Mentorship Television [Under production]
5. Parental assistance with access to family resources

[We are proud to be a Veteran-owned organization where we employ disabled Veterans]

Dr. Michael A.D. Talley, ThD


- Nashville, TN - US Army, 20 yrs -Law Enforcement, 15 yrs -Doctorates, ThD -CEO, Michael Talley, LLC

The Positive Mentorship App

The Positive Mentorship App

Currently in phase development, the Mentorship App will provide a bridge for youth to have 24/7 access to: mentorship, tutoring, counseling, college assistance, interactive media; 24/7 mentorship television and access for parents to community resources. "Our App bridges the gap!"

Take 22 Obesity Reduction Program

Take 22 Obesity Reduction Program

We encourage youth to maintain their health! We will provide access to sports, coaching, exercises and healthy options for at-risk youth. Program includes rewards and awards for achieving healthy goals and interviews with leading National Sports figures and celebrities.

Chocolity Chips

Chocolity Chips

Our mascot for all programs, Chocolity Chips conducts visits to Community Events; Health Fairs; School Bully Reduction Classes; and special visits for terminally ill children under our 'Dream Come True' Program.

Parental Access to Community Resources

Parental Access to Community Resources

This feature is found on the Positive Mentorship App. Parents can click on the 'Parent Module' and get 24/7 assistance with accessing Social Determinants: food, housing, transportation, utility assistance and safety needs.



Ability to schedule a session to speak with a vetted mentor or Organization that mentors youth to make good choices.



Ability to schedule a tutoring session for any school subject. Access to publications and other resources to improve grades and self-esteem.



Ability to schedule a free appointment to speak with a vetted counselor to improve mental health; life choices; and growth. We provide Anti-bully and anti-gang counseling and resources for individual, schools and organizations.



Ability for youth and/ or parents and guardians to request school supplies, our age appropriate curriculum and access to other resources locally, State-wide or Nationally to assist youth to be successful and to make a positive transition to their next level of growth.


Interactive Media

Streaming videos and links to positive content from various leaders in sports; business; entertainment; and community to improve self-esteem and to motivate youth to be better.


Take '22' Program

Program designed to reduce childhood obesity. Participants earn rewards and recognitions by agreeing to do some form of exercise for 22 minutes a day for at least 5 days per Week. Assistance for finding programs in local areas.

Ms. Jaloni Cambridge

Take "22" Ambassador and Spokeswoman

Jaloni Cambridge is a 2-time FIBA USA Women's Basketball team gold medal winner and Most Valuable Player in 2022. She has won 3 State Basketball High School championships for Ensworth H.S. in Tennesee (Division II-AA). She is 3-time Miss Tennessee Basketball winner and was named the National Gatorade Player of the year for 2022.

Chocolity Chips


Chocolity Chips loves to recognize youth who make good grades; who make good friends; and who make good choices.


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