We give 100% of all funds directly to our Youth Initiatives. Contact Us if you need: 1. Active Shooter Training 2. Anti-Gang Training 3. Anti-Bully Training

I Can University

Monthly Events on our Calendar Includes: (Contact Us for more Info) 1. Self-Defense Saturdays: For Women and Young Girls 2. Martial Arts Mondays: Open Lessons for youth and adults and Families 3. Be Your Own Bodyguard Seminars: A 4-week program for self-defense


Chocolity Chips is our Mascot for positive Mental Health in our Youth Communities. We help at-risk youth to overcome depression; self-doubt; autism issues with other youth; attention disorders; discipline problems; so they can be better persons. 1. Chocolity Chips can come to Birthday Parties 2. Chocolity Chips does Community Events 3. Chocolity Chips does sick child visits (provides a gift box) 4. Chocolity Chips books and bicycle helmets