From how to make good grades and choices to being prepared for College , Chocolity Chips provides youth 4yrs to 15 yrs the 3 "I Can" Codes and youth 16yrs to 18yrs the 3 "I Will" Codes. These programs come with a workbook and access to a tutor/ mentor.


Chocolity Chips is addressing childhood obesity through our "Take 20" Program, asking youth to take 20 minues per day to exercise. Youth will have access to train virtually in: Martial Arts Class Videos; Basketball camp classes; Football camp classes; and other Sports from top Coaches, Mentors and Youth from across the World!

Mentorship and Mentorship App

Chocolity Chips Mentorship App. is $5.00 per month! Youth will get access to on-call Mentors; Virtual visits; College and Career assistance; Tutoring; weekly Martial Arts Class and Mentorship videos, community and school resources.